Executor Bond

An Executor is one nominated in the last will and testament of the decedent to carry out the terms thereof. The bond guarantees the fiduciary obligations of the Executor.

In order to effectively assist you with an Executor Bond we will need you to provide us with the court order and the following information:

1. Name, address, and occupation of the applicant, indebtedness, if any to, and relationship to the deceased, and if the executor or administrator in prior possession of the assets in any capacity.
2. Name of deceased, place and date of death, and citizenship.
3. Amount of bond
4. Name and location of Court.
4. Name, address, and phone number of attorney for executor or administrator with the will annexed.
5. Detailed description of assets of the estate.
6. List of liabilities left by the testator including those for taxes, last illness, hospital, and funeral.
7. Name and ages of the beneficiaries under the will.
8. Copy of the will or pertinent abstract of its terms.

This information will be specified in our bond application. In addition to the court order, please complete, sign, and return the attached Bond Application in the sections indicated.