Counter Replevin Bond

Counter Replevin Bond When defendant in an action is denied possession of the chattel by virtue of a Replevin proceeding, the defendant may reacquire the property by posting a bond.

In order to effectively assist you with a Counter Replevin Bond we will need you to provide us with the court order and the following information:

1. Name, address, and phone number of the attorney.
2. Complete title of action
3. Name and location of the Court.
4. Amount of the plaintiff’s or third party’s claim and nature thereof.
5. Value and description of the property to be replevied.
6. Amount of the undertaking required.
7. Name of sheriff.

In addition to providing the court order, please complete, sign, and return the attached Bond Application in the appropriate sections indicated.

Please note, Counter Replevin Bonds may require collateral.