Committee Bond for Incompetent Persons

Committee Bond for Incompetent Persons- Incompetent is adjudged by the court to be incapable of handling their affairs requires the assignment of their property by a fiduciary called a committee.

In order to effectively assist you with a Committee Bond we will need you to provide us with the court order and the following information:

1. Name and address of Committee, indebtedness, if any to, and relationship to the incompetent
2. Name of incompetent, age, and location.
3. Name and location of Court
4. Amount of bond.
5. Name, address, and phone number of attorney representing the Committee.
6. Date and order of appointment.
7. Detailed description of assets and liabilities of the estate
8. Name and address of heirs of the incompetent.

In addition, please complete, sign, and return the attached Bond Application in the sections indicated. Please provide a copy of the court order of appointment.