Assignee Bond

An Assignee is for the benefit of creditors. Debtor transfers property in trust to the assignee for the benfit of the creditors for the payment of the debts. (State court)

In order to effectively assist you with an Assignee Bond please attach a copy of the Court Order appointing the administrator. We will need you to provide us with the following information which is generally integrated within the court order and is requested within the appropriate section of the required bond application:

1. Name, address, and occupation of assignee.
2. Name of assignor and nature of business.
3. Amount of bond
4. Name and location of Court.
5. Date of assignment, and date of its recordation.
5. Description of the assets covered by the assignment and summary of liabilities.
6. Copy of court order thereon, if business is to be conducted.
7. Name, address, and phone number of attorney for assignee.
8. Bank or business references from the applicant.

In addition to the court order, please complete, sign, and return the attached Bond application in the sections indicated.