Appeal Bond

Appeal/Supersedeas Bond:   When a party appeals a money judgment against them, filing the appeal is usually not sufficient to prevent the judgment creditor from taking action to collect the judgment while the appeal is pending. In order to stay collection of the judgment, the judgment debtor must file an appeal bond (sometimes called a supersedeas bond), which guarantees that the judgment will be paid if the judgment debtor is not successful in getting the judgment reversed. (This bond is typically collateralized.)

In order to effectively assist you with an Appeal Bond we will require the following a Copy of the Court Order fixing the bond amount. All the additional information needed in the preparation of the bond is obtained from here:


1. Name, address, and phone number of the attorney for the applicant.
2. Complete title of action
3. Name and location of Court.
4. Amount and date of judgment, including date on which judgment was entered

Please note, Appeal Bonds usually require collateral

This is a financial guarantee bond that usually requires 125% collateral or satisfactory demonstration of the applicant’s financial ability. Therefore, if the bond is sought without collateral please provide a current detailed financial statement from the applicant.

In addition, please complete, sign, and return the Bond Application in the appropriate sections.