Administrator Bond

Administrator bond When a person dies leaving an estate but no will (intestate), the Surrogate’s Court appoints an administrator of the estate. An Administrators duties are to collect all the assets of the estate ascertain and pay the debts and expenses thereof and to distribute whatever balance remains to those entitled thereto by law. This bond guarantees that the administrator will faithfully discharge the trust given and will obey all orders and decrees directed by the court.

In order to effectively assist you with an Administrator Bond please attach a copy of the Court Order appointing the administrator. We will need you to provide us with the following information which is generally integrated within the court order and is requested within the appropriate section of the required bond application:

1. Name, address of the administrator, and relationship to the decedent.
2. Name of the deceased, date, and place of death.
3. Amount of bond.
4. Name and location of Court.
5. Name, address, and phone number of the Attorney for the estate.
6. Detailed description of assets of the estate.
7. List of liabilities left by the deceased, including those for taxes, last illness, hospital, and funeral.
8. Names and ages of the distributees of the estate.

Please remember to complete (in the sections indicated), sign, and return a Bond Application along with the court order.